GERSTEL Sample Introduction Systems

As the distributor of GERSTEL we offer an array of innovative automated solutions for GC and GC/MS sample preparation, such as the MultiPurpose Sampler roboticPRO: a sample prep robot with additional solutions: Dynamic Headspace, Solid Phase Extraction or automated Thermal Desorption.

GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler Robotic pro

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is an autosampler and sample preparation robot, compatible with all standard GC and GC/MS systems. The MPS performs all common sample introduction techniques: Liquid, Large Volume Injection (LVI), Headspace, Dynamic Headspace, SPME and Thermal Desorption. Using the MAESTRO software PrepAhead function, sample preparation steps are performed during the analysis of the preceding sample for best possible system utilization and highest sample throughput.

Cooled Injection System CIS

The Cooled Injection System - internationally the most widely used PTV-type universal inlet, with patented septumless sampling head. The CIS enables controlled vaporization of samples leading to discrimination-free analyte transfer to the GC column and best possible quantitative performance. In combination with Automated Liner EXchange ALEX, the MPS automates the CIS liner change. GERSTEL is celebrating 25 years of excellence in PTV inlets in 2009.

Automated Liner EXchange ALEX

The GERSTEL Automated Liner EXchance ALEX technology automates the task of replacing liners in the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System CIS. The ALEX system enables fully automated GC analysis of samples with a high matrix load as well as "dirty" extracts, which can be directly injected into the CIS 4 using the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS. In connection with the MPS, the ALEX system enables automated CIS 4 liner exchange at user defined intervals in a sequence using the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software control.

easy Liner EXchange eLEX

GERSTEL easy Liner EXchance eLEX allows fast and easy manual CIS liner exchange.

  • Benefits

    • Proven and reliable technology

      The GERSTEL MPS has proven its worth in industry, contract laboratories, government agencies, and in academia world-wide. The MPS provides highly efficient automated sample preparation and sample introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS.

      • Best possible productivity

      Thanks to intelligent synchronization, sample preparation and chromatography are performed in parallel. Whenever your analysis system is ready, the next sample has been prepared and is ready to be injected. This ensures that your analysis system is never idle, always utilized to full capacity for best possible productivity and return on investment.

      • Intuitive operation

      The GERSTEL MAESTRO software lets you operate your MPS by mouse-click whether it is operated independently or integrated with the analysis system. MAESTRO operates fully integrated with the Agilent® ChemStation® or GC MassHunter™. One method and one sequence table control the complete system from sample preparation to GC/MS or LC/MS analysis. MAESTRO operates integrated with the sequence tables of Agilent LC MassHunter™, AB SCIEX® Analyst® and Thermo Fisher Scientific® Xcalibur™.

      • Maximum flexibility

      The MPS lets you automate a wide range of standard or special sample preparation technologies. The MPS is easily and quickly adapted to the task at hand.


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