Analysis of CS2 in Naphtha using GC-PFPD & GC-MS Detection

Analysis of CS2 in Naphtha using GC-PFPD & GC-MS detection A new application note highlights two detection approaches for the analysis of CS2 in naphtha: GC-MS & GC-PFP detection.  GC-MS Configuration The GC-MS application is equipped with an Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) containing a split/splitless inlet, a capillary column and a quadropole...

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Introducing Kinesis Deuterium Lamps

Introducing Kinesis Deuterium Lamps There are 5 top reasons to use the Kinesis Deuterium Lamps. 5 top reasons to use Kinesis D2 Lamps? The Kinesis lamps use the same bar lamps as those used in instrument manufacturers' lamps and so offer OEM equivalent lamps.  The Kinesis lamps come with the warranty as that offered by Instrument Manufacturers, LL coded lamps...

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