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GERSTEL Thermal Desorption

GERSTEL is the leader in analytical thermal desorption techniques. We provide a full range of systems and accessories to allow determination of a full range of compound classes in a wide variety of matrices. The GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System provides unmatched performance for a wide range of applications.

Thermal Desorption Main Features

  • Platform Approach: provides more options for sample introduction and automation than any other system
  • Rugged and Reliable: No valves or long transfer lines to foul up or replace
  • No Carryover: Direct interface eliminates carry over issues found when using valves and transfer lines
  • Easy method development: GERSTEL's CIS based trap does not require different trapping materials for different compound classes
  • Compatibility with ISO, ASTM, and other standard methods used in material emissions and other industries
  • Optional 21 CFR part 11 Compliance
  • Applications

    TED GC/MS Determination of Microplastics

    The GERSTEL Thermal Extraction and Desorption (TED)-GC/MS system performs fully automated determination of microplastics in environmental samples. Examples are water and air filtrates, soil, sediment and compost. Thermal decomposition analysis in the form of Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) coupled with a concentration step and GC/MS determination of the breakdown products represents a novel and highly interesting approach. The technique enables indirect characterization of microplastics by chemical analysis providing both qualitative and quantitative results.

    More information on Microplastics

    Download the flyer or listen to the webinar presented by Kurt Thaxton, International Product Manager, Thermal Desorption and Pyrolysis, GERSTEL on behalf of Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions during the online theme session of FHI LabAnalyse.

    Microplastics Webinar

    Analyzing environmental samples, including water, for microplastics is a challenging task. In many cases, microplastics must be identified and quantified in the presence of significant amounts of other organic and mineral matter. Thermal analysis techniques combined with GC/MS are promising with regard to providing efficient identification and quantification via polymer marker fragments with only limited sample preparation effort. Listen to the GERSTEL webinar.


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