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Process Instruments Raman Systems

The PI-200 Raman instrument offers a number of applications in process monitoring, and chemical analysis. The combined use of a Laboratory system for property modeling, in conjunction with an online process monitoring system, will give accurate, realtime measurement of chemical properties within a process. Saving critical time, and in the end, critical cost.

Realtime measurement of chemical properties

The PI-200 Online Raman instruments incorporate a frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth diode laser, a temperature controlled, optically fast  fiber coupled spectrograph, a very low noise Andor CCD camera TE cooled to < -80 °C; and PROspect™ data acquisition and analysis software. The PROspect™ software can be combined with GRAMS/AI9.1 for realtime chemometrics and process control applications.

This online Raman instrument design offers very high signal levels while retaining high resolution. Patented optical design allows full height coverage of the CCD chip and wide fiber array input while retaining a straight fiber array image and good resolution. The system includes a fiber coupled probe with laser band pass and elastic light rejection filtering. 

The Raman Lab system was designed to be used in a refinery laboratory for measurement of routine laboratory samples. Since each spectral acquisition and output of Raman predicted parameters only take 2 to 3 minutes, if the lab system is used in conjunction with a sample handling system, a laboratory instrument will help free up lab personnel and reduce lab equipment requirements.  The Raman system can also be used to maintain the integrity of a current model or develop new models for additional streams.  Once the component stream models have been developed, routine unit samples can be run on the lab system to predict all of the key parameters.

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