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Validation services

Would you like to qualify the analytical instruments in your lab? Use V:KIT 5; a unique and independent system for the OQ/PQ qualification of HPLC, GC and GCMS systems.

Validation Services for HPLC, GC & GCMS

V:Kit 5 consists of:

  • Windows-based software
  • Qualification protocols with user configurable tests
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Traceable reference standards with Certificates of Analysis

Benefits of V:Kit

V:Kit is efficient - it is a self-contained qualification system designed for quality and efficiency. It can dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage instrument qualification.

V:Kit is a comprehensive solution - it contains software, reference standards, qualification protocols, audit trails, reporting tools, standard operating procedures and the required tools.

V:Kit delivers controlled and consistent qualification tests for a range of techniques, including: HPLC, GC/GCMS, tablet dissolution, UV/Vis, and the calibration of analytical balances

V:Kit provides a single, harmonised qualification platform - it uses one standard approach regardless of instrument manufacturer.

V:Kit lets you Take Control - it incorporates a wide range of qualification protocols to meet your requirements, customized protocols are also possible.

V:Kit benefits both service providers and labs - it is a common qualification platform that's conveniently accessible.

If you need assistance on the system validation, please contact our Service & Support department.

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