GERSTEL Sample Preparation Systems

GERSTEL provides unmatched sample preparation capabilities by combining GERSTEL sample preparation modules:

Automated Sample Preparation

As sample preparation specialist GERSTEL offers an array of innovative automated solutions for GC and GC/MS sample prep for the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS.

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is an autosampler and sample preparation robot, compatible with all standard gas chromatography (GC & GC/MS) systems.

Using the MAESTRO software PrepAhead function, sample preparation steps are performed during analysis of the preceding sample for best possible system utilization and highest sample throughput.

  • Benefits

    • MAESTRO - The most advanced, flexible software available
    • Complete software integration
    • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
    • Most comprehensive selection of automation options
    • Intuitive sample preparation
    • On-line or off-line sample preparation for GC or LC application
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