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GERSTEL MPS Product Overview

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Autosampler offers more options for introducing samples into a gas chromatograph than any other autosampler, providing the analytical laboratory with unparalleled versatility, ease of use, and enhanced productivity.

GERSTEL Sample Introduction

A large number of modules and sample preparation technologies are available for the MPS.

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GERSTEL Sample Preparation

The GERSTEL MPS is fully programmable sampler to perform automated sample preparation for both LC and GC analysis.

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MultiPurpose Autosampler for GC - GC/MS

The MPS robotic Smart Series is a highly efficient GC/MS autosampler with extended robotic functionality. The MPS robotic provides reliable and efficient processing of complex tasks. Syringes are  mounted in individual syringe modules, which can be exchanged automatically within a running sequence when using the MPS roboticpro for maximum flexibility. 

PAL3 Series II with Smart technology in combination with Smart consumables provides the required process safety and effectivity. All PAL Certified Smart Consumables are equipped with a unique Smart chip containing parameters, ranges and usage history enabling full traceability of  sample preparation down to the syringe and perfectly matched with the PAL3 Series II.

The GERSTEL MPS is a multifunctional autosampler and sample preparation workstation for GC and GC/MS.  A large number of modules for sample introduction and sample preparation technologies are available for the MPS. Moreover, the MPS is conveniently controlled by the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software - stand-alone or integrated with the Agilent Technologies ChemStation. 

MultiPurpose Autosampler for LC - LC/MS

Dramatically improve the productivity of your LC/MS system. The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Autosampler provides the largest sample capacity, the most sample preparation options, highest throughput and the lowest carry-over of any other autosampler for LC/MS.

Improve the productivity of your LC/MS system while ensuring the best accuracy and reliability. The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler for liquid chromatography is a highly productive autosampler for sample preparation and sample introduction of up to 3456 samples. In combination with GERSTEL MAESTRO software, the MPS provides enhanced performance and higher productivity in sample preparation than any other commercially available LC/MS autosampler. The MPS is compatible with all standard LC and LC/MS systems.

  • Applications

    The GERSTEL-MOSH/MOAH Sample Prep Solution with fully automated sample preparation and sample introduction enables efficient determination of mineral oil residues in extracts of food, body care products and packaging in only 30 minutes. The integrated software is intuitively operated and it enables simple and efficient data processing both for individual samples and in batch processing mode, including user-defined data reporting.

    More information on MOSH MOAH Analysis

    Download the flyer for more information.


  • Benefits

    • Intuitive, easy to use
    • Not locked into canned methods for method development
    • Complete software integration
    • Modular design, easy to add capabilities
    • Comprehensive offering of automation options
  • Downloads

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