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Relocation Services for Chromatography Lab Systems

Relocating a laboratory can have a significant impact on your organization. Especially when expensive and complex lab equipment need to be moved. To avoid risks and thus minimize downtime, you can use the relocation services that Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers for laboratories.

Our service engineers have many years of expertise in installing and maintaining chromatography systems and also have extensive experience with relocating these systems. We have successfully completed the relocation of the chromatography equipment at several laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium, so that they were able to get back to work quickly at the new location. Read the customer review of Unilever on our relocation services.

Limit the down-time at Unilever

When relocating the Foods Innovation lab of Unilever to Wageningen, Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions disassembled, transported and reinstalled our chromatography systems. Of course, they also tested the equipment before disassembly and after installation. During this busy period, they assisted us to limit the down-time and smoothened the relocation for us.

Jolanda Mathot, Operations Manager Analytics, Products & Materials at Unilever | April 30, 2021

Move your lab systems safely and quickly with the Relocation Services 

Our approach for the relocation of your GC, HPLC and / or GCMS systems includes:

  • Extensive testing of the chromatography equipment before and afterwards. During testing, the equipment is checked for possible leaks, sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Carefully label and pack the equipment for transportation.
  • Safe transport of the equipment to the new location including transport insurance.
  • Unpack, reinstall and test the equipment.

Next option could be to have the preventive maintenance carried out by our service engineer, possibly in combination with a validation of the HPLC, GC and GCMS systems. In addition, we could also advise you on the necessary lab facilities, which are required for the equipment. You could also consult our service engineers on other facilities such as gas filters, gas connections and pipes. This way we could contribute to a smooth relocation of the lab systems.

Do you need even more support during the move or would you like to have your team handle some tasks? Please let us know, our service team would be happy to work with you.

Please contact our service engineers for more information.
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