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GC Training Courses

Are you working with gas chromatographic systems and would you like to develop your skills on the analysis technique, various hardware parts and their maintenance? Attend the GC training courses that Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers.

In the theoretical session we will explain the basics of the analytical technique. Next we will put the theory into practice by a hands-on learning-by-doing training. The mix of theoretical modules and hands-on training will extend the skills of the operators and scientists resulting in a maximum system uptime and productivity. All courses are taught by specialists having many years of experience in Gas Chromatography. Upon request we will schedule the training on-site using your laboratory equipment.

Basics Training Course GC

You will learn more on the basic principles of capillary GC analysis technique. Next we will explain in detail the various GC components from injection up to detection. This course will mainly focus on the theory and will include a limited practical session.

Topics of the one-day-training course:

  • Basic principles of gas chromatography
  • Effects of various parameters such as carrier gas, flow and temperature
  • Columns and stationary phases for (capillary) GC
  • Instrumentation GC (Inlets and Detectors)
  • Sample introduction techniques for GC
  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses

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Maintenance & Troubleshooting GC Training

During this course you will be trained on the GC interior. Inlets and detectors will be dismantled, so that you will be able to recognize and solve analytical, chromatographic and instrumental problems. The course will include both theoretical and practical sessions.

The following topics are explained during this two-day course:

  • Performing (periodical) maintenance
  • Structural approach to analytical and instrumental problems
  • Recognizing and solving chromatographic problems
  • Overview of other problems and their possible solutions

Are you interested in this training course? Check out the following training schedule or download the flyer.

Safe training during COVID-19 period

Da Vinci organizes training courses in accordance with the COVID-19 guidelines from the national government. We have set a maximum participation number of 4 students, so that we can respect the 1.5 meter distance rule during the training.

Before the training starts we will also contact all students and trainers about their health and if necessary reschedule the training. In addition, we provide extra protective equipment during the training, such as mouth masks, gloves and disinfection pillars.

Training Location

Da Vinci Sydneystraat 5 RotterdamThe training courses are scheduled at the new location of Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions. Would you like to register or do you have any questions? Please contact us.

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Register for the training courses

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