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PEAK Scientific Gas Generation

An on-site gas generator from PEAK Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurised gas cylinders, dewars or bulk storage of laboratory gas.  

Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Air Generator Solutions

Traditional sources of gas, for example nitrogen or hydrogen, incur on-going delivery, administrative and rental costs, all of which impact on business revenue or facility budgets.

A Peak generator provides you with a dependable, easy to use on-demand gas solution without any of the safety concerns or practical considerations. What’s more, while the price of delivered gas is subject to volatility as well as delivery delays, a generator from PEAK Scientific represents a stable and dependable long-term investment.

PEAK Scientific manufactures nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air gas generators and offers a wide variety of gas generators to suit applications including GC, LC-MS, ELSD and Sample Preparation.

  • Applications

    • TPEAK Zero Air Nitrogen Trace Hydrogen Generatorhe Genius series: nitrogen gas generators for LC-MS & LC-MS/MS applications. These generators deliver greater efficiency, superior reliability and improved performance than their predecessors.

    • The Solaris series: With flow rates up to 35 L/min, Solaris generators are compact and economical nitrogen gas solutions for labs.

    • The Infinity Series: Compressor-free nitrogen generators for laboratories, Infinity generators are able to run uninterrupted 24 hours a day. Effectively silent in operation these generators can deliver up to 520 L/min of high purity nitrogen.

    • The Precision series: Combining convenience and reliability in a stackable and modular design, Precision is the safe and practical GC gas solution. 

    • Tailored solutions: To meet the specific demands of many key analytical applications and instrument types

    • The i-FlowLab series: a modular & expandable on-site nitrogen generation system. It is capable of delivering a continuous & consistent supply, at a range of purities (up to 99.9995% N2) and flow rates to meet the full & varying gas demands of your combined laboratory applications, such as LC-MS, gloveboxes, fume hoods, sample evaporators and more.

  • Benefits

    • Convenient - Gas on-demand, no cylinders to change or supply stocks to maintain

    • Consistent - Consistent gas quality and supply, no impurities or running out of gas

    • Economical - Eliminate ongoing costs of cylinders, manage lifetime running costs

    • Safe - No pressurized compressed gas cylinders in your lab

    • Green - No repeated gas deliveries, energy efficient

    • Protected - Comprehensive on site warranty & service plans


  • Downloads

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