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The PIONA-VUV Analyzer combines the power of gas chromatography–vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy (GC–VUV), the simplicity of VUV Analyze Software, and a suite of fuel-specific applications into an easy-to-use solution that automatically analyzes fuels in just a fraction of the time. 


Automatically deconvolve co-eluting compounds

Characterized by very short wavelengths of light, VUV spectroscopy is a universal, mass-sensitive detection technique that provides both quantitative and qualitative data. Because almost all gas phase molecules absorb strongly in the vacuum ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum, compound-specific spectra provide excellent selectivity and unambiguous identification. VUV spectra demonstrate class similarities, so fuels analysis is greatly simplified by the PIONA-VUV Analyzer.

Even with good chromatographic separation, compounds can coelute—especially with complex samples. The PIONA-VUV Analyzer provides a powerful and automated solution: Time Interval Deconvolution (TID). TID works by slicing a chromatogram into regularly spaced time intervals, each with a unique summed absorbance spectrum. Each slice is then automatically analyzed to determine the contribution of each compound to the measured spectra. This means complex chromatograms can be easily, reliably deconvolved and analyzed, without the need for a fixed peak table.

  • Applications

    Choice of different applications for:

      • finished gasoline (ASTM D8071)
      • jet fuel (ASTM D8267)
      • Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis (VHA)



  • Benefits

    • Universal detection capabilities of VUV spectroscopy, allowing you to see more

    • Unambiguous class- and compound-based compound identification

    • Time Interval DeconvolutionTM to easily deconvolve co-eluting analytes

    • Push-button, automated data analysis and reporting using VUV AnalyzeTM Software

    • Unique and comprehensive application-specific spectral libraries

    • Multi-method architecture allows testing of different fuels on the same analyzer, with no changes in hardware

    • Choice of different applications for finished gasoline (ASTM D8071), jet fuel (ASTM D8267), and Verified Hydrocarbon Analysis (VHA)

    • Minimal maintenance requirements to ensure maximum uptime and reduce total cost of ownership

  • Configuration

    • The PIONA-VUV configuration is based on the Agilent Gas Chromatograph configured for a test method with the required hardware and software components:

      • VGA-100 VUV spectrometer; a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography detector that provides both qualitative and quantitative data.

      • VUV Analyze Software

      • Factory tested application 

  • Downloads

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