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GERSTEL Filtration

The ability to automate the common process of filtration has become a necessity as laboratories rely more and more on automation to meet their sample throughput needs. The GERSTEL filtration option allows filtration using almost any commercially available syringe and disk filters.

Automated Filtration using the MPS

Suspended particles and matrix material in a sample can significantly influence analysis results and system stability. Removing particulate matter from a sample or extract prior to analysis is therefore critical for many GC/MS- and LC/MS analysis methods, particularly when large series of samples must be analyzed automatically.

  • Benefits

    • Complete automation of filtration process using sample preparation functions controlled by GERSTEL MAESTRO software.
    • Compatible with 4 mm syringe filters or 4 mm – 27 mm disk filters
    • Can be used as a stand-alone WorkStation or in conjunction with a GC/MS or LC/MS system for injection of the cleaned up sample.
    • Can be used with other GERSTEL modules such as vortexing, centrifugation or SPE
  • Downloads

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