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DVLS PetroReporter

The DVLS PetroReporter is a universal software tool that automates data processing and reporting of petroleum samples ranging from gases up to and including crude oil for DHA, Simdist and Gas Calculation applications. The new version of the PetroReporter software is now compatible with the new Agilent OpenLab 2.x CDS platform.

Reporting for DHA, SimDist and Gas Calculation

After data processing PetroReporter creates the required DHA, SimDist, Gas Calculation and FAME reports. PetroReporter is a universal software tool that allows refinery labs, independant labs and chemical plants to use one software package to process and report all petroleum samples. 

PetroReporter can be used either stand-alone or in a network configuration. The client/server architecture of the software allows to process the analysis data from any PC workstation.

PetroReporter includes predefined sample settings, component tables and formulas to provide a correct sample identification.

Select from the extensive options to report individual components, true boiling points, physical properties and other DHA, SimDist or Gas calculations.

User-friendly editors allow to customize the settings on-screen.

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