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DVLS Refinery Gas Analyzer

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) offers an automated gas solution to characterize the composition of refinery gases and liquefied gases under pressure such as LPG in 5 minutes. Next to determining the hydrocarbon content, permanent gases and hydrogen sulfide the RGA also reports calculation parameters such as Calorific and BTU Value.

Refinery gas analysis in 5 minutes

The Refinery Gas Analyzer (RGA) is based upon the Agilent GC configured with dedicated columns, valves, inlet and detectors. The multi-channel configuration allows to inject the gas samples into the separate channel at the same time. All channels operate simultaneously to determine:

  • C1 – C5 Hydrocarbons
  • C6+ Hydrocarbons
  • Permanent gases: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (analysis time of 8 minutes)
  • Extended refinery gas analysis up to BTEX (optional)
  • Customized gas components (optional)
  • Applications

    The DVLS RGA systems comply with the various standard test methods to determine the composition of the refinery and liquefied gases and to report the gas calculations. 



    Test Methodes

    Raffinaderij Gassen

    • ASTM D1946, D2504, D7833

    • DIN51666

    • EN 15984

    • UOP539, UOP603


    • ASTM D2163, D2593, D4424

    • IP 405

    • ISO 7941, EN27941


    • ASTM D2598, D3588

    • EN 589

    • ISO 8973

  • Benefits

    • High quality GC hardware
    • Fast analysis of refinery gases
    • Maximum system uptime 
    • Representative injection of liquefied gases
    • Standard methods compliance
    • Automated reporting of gas calculations
    • Guaranteed analyzer performance
  • Configuration

    DVLS RGA Analyzer with Side Carrier

    The DVLS Refinery Gas Analyzer is based upon the Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) with built-in intelligence and electronic pneumatic control (EPC). The Agilent Gas Chromatograph consists of three different channels; each channel is configured with its own detector. The system includes:

    • a Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
    • two Thermal Conductivity Detectors (TCD)
    • a Split/Splitless injection port
    • a DVLS Side Carrier with heated zones containing the valves and Molsieve columns
    • Ultrasilc coated sample path
    • PetroReporter software to report the composition and gas calculations

    Da Vinci developed a DVLS Side Carrier with heated zones containing the valves and columns. This unique hardware design includes a built-in colum conditioning which reduces the system downtime during the periodical regeneration of the Molsieve columns.

    The Agilent GC is controlled by the Agilent OpenLab software. The DVLS PetroReporter software automates all aspects of the calibration, gas analysis through customized data reporting. Examples of the included calculations are Liquid Volume, Molar Weight, Real Specific Gravity, CV, BTU etc.

  • Downloads

  • Options

    To customize your refinery gas analysis we offer various hardware options:

    • a Mode for extended refinery gas analysis up to BTEX
    • Hydrogen Carrier
    • a Liquid Sampling Valve (LSV) for the sampling of liquefied gases
    • a Pressure Station for the sampling of (liquefied) gases
    • a Vacuum Pump for sample introduction through the use of Tedlar bags
    • Inert Valves for the use of corrosive gases
    • Fourth Channel containing:
      • GSV- Column – Detector
      • Methanizer for the trace analysis of CO/CO2 conform UOP603 or SCD/PFPD for Sulfur analysis

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