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DVLS SimDist Analyzers

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers a complete range of SimDist Analyzers that comply with all standard test methods of ASTM, DIN, EN, IP and ISO for a simulated distillation. Each DVLS SimDist analyzer is based upon the Agilent Gas Chromatograph configured with the required hardware and software components. 

Simulated Distillation by GC

The SimDist analyzers comply with all standard test methods of ASTM, DIN, EN, IP and ISO for a simulated distillation: 

  • ASTM D2887, D5442, D6352, D7096, D7169, D7213, D7398, D7500 
  • IP 406, IP 480, IP 507, IP 545
  • ISO 3924
  • DIN 51.435
  • EN 15199-1, EN 15199-2, EN 15199-3  
  • Applications

    The SimDist Analyzers comply with the following methods:

    Test Method

    DIN 51.435

    IP 480 Type A

    EN 15199-1

    IP 507

    EN 15199-2

    IP 545

    EN 15199-3

    Carbon #





    FBP (°C)

    ≤ 615 ≤ 750

    ≤ 750

    ≤ 750

    Sample Types

    Lube oil base stocks

    • Lube oil base stocks

    • Mid Distillates

    • Residues

    • Heavy Distillates

    Crude Oil


    Test Method

    ASTM D7096

    ASTM D2887
    IP406 ISO3924

    ASTM D5442


    ASTM D7398




    ASTM D7900

    Carbon #

    < C16

    < C44

    nC17 - nC44

    < C60

    < C18 FAMES

    < C90

    < C120

    < C110




    ≤ 280

    ≤ 545

    ≤ 545 ≤ 615 ≤ 615 ≤ 700 ≤ 750



    Sample Types

    • Gasoline
    • Gasoline blending components

    • Jet Fuel
    • Diesel Fuel

    Alkane Profile

    Lube oil base stocks

    • FAMES

    • Lube oil base stocks

    • Vacuum Residues
    • Crude Oil

    • Distillates
    • Lube oil base stocks

    • Crude oil 
  • Benefits

    • High Quality GC Hardware - All SimDist Analyzers are based upon the Agilent GC configured with dedicated columns, inlets and detectors.

    • Complete Analyzer Range - The SimDist analyzers comply with all standard test methods of ASTM, DIN, EN, IP and ISO to provide a boiling point distribution up to 750°C.

    • Dedicated SimDist Inlet - The Programmable Temperature Inlet developed by Da Vinci optimizes the peak shape and makes the column/liner connection easier.

    • Proven software platform - The analyzers include the PetroReporter software that automates the data processing and reporting of the properties of petroleum streams. PetroReporter is successfully used by a global installed base of leading oil refineries.

    • Accurate characterization of crude oils - To improve the boiling point characterization of crude oils the DVLS PetroReporter merges the High Temp SimDist with a capillary GC (DHA) analysis.
    • Application Guarantee - Each analyzer is tested according to the in-house testing procedures to check the system performance and to verify the analyzer specification by a reference sample test. Factory Acceptance Test will be scheduled upon request.
  • Configuration

    The SimDist analyzers are based upon the Agilent GC configured for a test method with the required hardware and software components:

    • GC programmable temperature sample inlet (PTI)
    • GC column
    • Calibration, reference or QC samples
    • PetroReporter software.

    Improved SimDist analysis with Dedicated inlet 

    The DVLS Programmable Temperature Inlet is a dedicated SimDist inlet that:

    • Allows direct injectionDVLS PTI
    • Provides stable blank runs
    • Minimizes carry over
    • Has no dead volume
    • Avoids discrimination of heavy components

    The DVLS PetroReporter is a universal software tool that automates data processing of petroleum samples. After data processing PetroReporter creates the required SimDist reports. Some examples are: Alkane profile report, cut point distribution report, distillation reports and correlation reports.

  • Downloads

  • Training

    Would you like to learn more on SimDist  analyses being an analyst within a petrochemical GC laboratory? Attend (one of) the training courses Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers. You can select the SimDist training course where we will explain the basic principles to you as well as the maintenance and troubleshooting. The PetroReporter software is used for reporting.

    During this one-day training the following topics will be discussed:

    • Basic principles of the SimDist analysis
    • Used Inlets, columns and detectors
    • Maintenance
    • Recognize problems and solve them in a structured manner
    • Use of Petro Reporter software for the various reports and calculations

    Read more on the SimDist training course.

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