DVLS Pressure Station

The DVLS Pressure Station allows a representative sample injection of a liquid or gaseous hydrocarbon stream. The pressure station injects the sample into a GC system and keeps the pressure at a constant level. The Pressure Station is included in the DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector.

Injection of a representative amount of liquids & gases

For a representative analysis, the sample must remain in the liquid phase during the injection process, this is especially required for LPG or other chemicals that are gaseous at ambient pressures. The DVLS Pressure Station keeps the sample under pressure by using high pressure Nitrogen, which controls the outlet pressure and flow.

High Safety

The sample container is installed on the front side of the pressure station using quick connectors. The station keeps the pressure at a constant level. The waste of the sample will  be vented to the outlet of the pressure station, which directs the vapor outside the building to ensure the lab safety.

  • Applications

    The use of high pressure Nitrogen enables the Pressure Station to control the outlet pressure & flow. This technology has been proven in several applications that require a representative sample injection, such as:

    • C3 hydrocarbon streams
    • C4 hydrocarbon streams
    • LPG

  • Benefits

    • Representative injection of liquid and/or gaseous hydrocarbon streams
    • Flexible design allows various configuration options
    • Safe and easy connection of sample container
    • Proven technology used in various applications
    • No need for sample preparation
  • Configuration

    The design of the DVLS Pressure Station offers you a high flexibility. Select from the following configuration options to fully meet your requirements:

    • A configuration dedicated to the injection of liquid hydrocarbon samples
    • A model configured for the injection of pressurized gases
    • A configuration for the injection of liquid & pressurized gas samples
    • Various brands of quick connectors such as Swagelok, Walther and Staubli to enable the use of different cylinder sizes
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    DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector 8890 GC SystemDVLS Liquefied Gas Injector is a GC solution that has been standardized as ASTM D7756 and EN 16423 for the analysis of residues in liquefied petroleum gases by gas chromatography. Adapting the hardware setup allows to extend the LPG analysis to a wider application range

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