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DVLS Liquefied Gas Injector

One of our innovations is the Liquefied Gas Injector: a fast, safe and accurate solution for the Sampling & Analysis of impurities in Liquefied Gases. The technique is standardized in the ASTM D7756 and EN 16423 methods for the analysis of residue in LPG. Watch the video for an explanation of the system configuration followed by a demonstration of the Liquefied Gas Injector.

Sampling and analysis of liquefied gases

The setup of the Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI) solution consists of an Agilent gas chromatograph (GC) on which the Liquefied Gas Injector and its controller are installed. The Pressure Station is used for safe and accurate sample introduction of LPG.

The direct injection approach of the Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI) is a safe alternative technique to a liquid sampling valve or manual evaporation. The LGI uses a standard GC injector needle, which is inserted into a GC large volume on-column injection system. Solenoid activation transfers the pressurized sample through the needle directly on-column. A sliding device moves the needle downwards for the injection and upwards for purging.

The LGI directly injects the liquefied gas into the GC inlet to ensure the safety and the full transfer of the impurities onto the GC column. The chromatographic analysis after the sample introduction is based on boiling point separation of the impurities. The result is reported in mg/kg. The analysis of the impurities in LPG is completed within 20 minutes.

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