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DVLS NGA Analyzer GPA2286

The DVLS Natural Gas Extended analyzer combines on the front channel an efficient and accurate determination of the Natural Gas composition according to the GPA 2286 method. The system determines C1 through C4 hydrocarbons gases (and C5-C14 using the second channel) and inert gases. The back channel is configured for the analysis of higher hydrocarbons which has the ability to analyze up to C14.

  • Applications

    Separation Range:

    • Inert gases: Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen
    • Hydrocarbons: C1 - C5, C14

    Sample Range

    • Natural Gas samples up to C14

    Lower Detection Limit:

    The lowest detection limit (LDL) of the NGA Extended GPA2286 Analyzer is:

    • 0.02% for inert gases
    • 0.01% for hydrocarbons
  • Configuration

    The DVLS Natural Gas Analyzer GPA 2286 is based upon the Agilent Gas Chromatograph and consists of:

    • TCD (Thermal Conductivity Detector) with EPC (Electronic Pressure/Flow control)
    • FID (Flame Ionization Detector) with EPC (Electronic Pressure/Flow control)
    • Gas Sampling Valves in series (two pcs)
    • Column Isolation Valves (two pcs)
    • Heated Valve Box
    • Column configuration according to GPA 2286
  • Downloads

  • Options

    • The Agilent GC is controlled by Agilent OpenLab ChemStation or other CDS software.

    • DVLS PetroReporter GasThe DVLS PetroReporter software automates the data processing and reporting of the gas calculations.


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