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Everyone analyzing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) samples knows challenges created by these products. The AURA solution offered significantly increases productivity, safety and improves your quality assurance while running GPL samples.

Prepare calibration standards within the LPG / LNG-matrix

The AURA – LPG/LNG evaporating device equipped with a heat regulator sets optimal evaporation temperature and heats transfer lines to prevent any condensation. AURA safely vaporizes the LPG/LNG sample into 100% gas phase and build-in pressure regulator keeps the output pressure at a desired value.

The typical application of AURA in combination with automated gas blender/diluter GasMix™ from AlyTech is to prepare calibration standards in LPG/LNG matrix. There are many other applications where the AURA helps safely measure LPG samples without sample pressurization, for example injection in GC or GC/MS.

When working with LPG/LNG samples the AlyTech AURA is the ideal tool for calibration of a total Sulfur and Nitrogen analyzers. This AURA device makes GasMix™ a Unique and Universal Gas & LPG Sampler and Injector. It will allow you to significantly reduce the number of calibration gas cylinders to store!

The AURA heats and vaporizes the LPG containing the sulfur and/or nitrogen compounds at known concentration into the GasMix, which will dilute it with another gas, such as argon. The solution enables calibration of your analyzer and checks the linearity of response without really limitation on the number of points. Equipped with an injection valve and flexible software, the system can interface with the analyzer and run fully automatic multipoint test sequences of routine quality assurance program.

Buying multiple standards is no more necessary, you prepare that you need on-site with only one standard, saving time and money.

  • Applications

    • Oil & Gas companies: calibration of sulfur and nitrogen

    • Automotive laboratories: monitoring of LPG fuels

    • Research: analyses of LPG/LNG

  • Benefits

    • Compact device, simple and ease of use
    • No need for sample pressurization
    • Maximum operator safety
    • Heated transfer line assures 100% gas phase
    • In combination with GasMix™ diluter on-site preparation of low level concentration calibration gas using only 1 LPG certified standard
    • Compliant to ASTM D6667 and D7551
    • Designed to handle aggressive gases
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