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AlyTech GasMix

Advanced solutions for diluting / mixing up to 16 gases simultaneously with high accuracy, reproducibility and traceability – this is the GasMix™.


The intelligent gas mixer, diluter & injector

To save money and gain in flexibility, many laboratories use Aiolos - dynamic gas mixer from AlyTech - to perform multi-point calibration, linearity checks, LOQ/LOD validation.

The Aiolos II is the latest generation of this popular product in GasMix™ family designed and produced by AlyTech since over 10 years. By mixing and / or diluting two to four gases the system generates calibration gas on site at the desired concentration, even to very low levels.

High accuracy and reproducibility of the prepared gas standards make Aiolos II an accomplished tool, well-accepted by users concerned with metrological performances. GasMix™ are unique diluters on the market capable to deliver a certificate for the produced concentration.

  • Applications

    • Environmental – Calibration of analysers for ambient air monitoring

    • Chemical, Oil & Gas – Calibration of GC, μGC, Elemental analyzers, RGA, NGA; LPG analyzers, Spectrometers

    • Research: Generation complex gas mixtures

    • Specialty Gases – Customized secondary standards

    • Food & Flavour – Quality control

  • Benefits

    • Dedicated, user-friendly and intuitive software
    • Less operator time: programmed injection sequences are a great time-saver for routine quality procedures
    • Full automation: by synchronizing dilutions,injection, flushing timings with an external analyzer
    • Improved accuracy: multipoint MFC calibration curves for each used gas
    • Rigorous metrology: full traceability, documentation, certification of the concentration accuracy
    • Complies to ISO 6145-7
    • Equipped with AURA, Aiolos II becomes unique and universal Gas & LPG sampler and Injector


  • Downloads

  • Options

    A fully inert version

    Gas mixer, diluter compatible with most aggressive gases and active compounds like sulfurs gases, NO, ammonia, VOC

    A version with injection valve

    This model of gas mixer, diluter is fitted with a driven gas loop and injection valve. Interface cable included. Remote control functionality allows for the ability to drive an external injection valve the start command of an analyzer.


    FReD is optional automated flow regulator to be placed downstream to the diluter. The output flow rate can be set and accurately controlled directly by GasMix™ software.

    LPG version with add-on option

    Designed and produced by AlyTech, the new external LPG module AURA for GasMix™ gas mixer, diluter allows to perform Gas and LPG analyses according to the ASTM D6667 or ASTM D7551 method for instance, based on a multipoint calibration.

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