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XOS Sindie + Cl Analyzer

Sindie +Cl is a sulfur and chlorine analyzer delivering two critical measurements with one push of a button and zero hassle. It is the ideal solution for refineries and independent labs to certify sulfur levels in finished products and assess chlorine for corrosion mitigation, all with one instrument.

TWO critical measurements, ONE push of a button, ZERO hassle

Sindie +Cl utilizes a technique known as Monochromatic Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (MWDXRF) - delivering exceptional reproducibility.
Samples are measured directly, which means it can analyze even the heaviest of hydrocarbons like crude oil or coker residuals without the hassles of boats, injectors, furnaces, or changing detectors.
This model utilizes standard XRF sample cups.
  • Applications

    • Total sulfur analysis from ultra low sulfur fuels to crudes
    • Total chlorine analysis from aqueous solutions and aromatic products to heavy fuels, crudes, and catalyst
    • For use in refinery labs, pipeline terminals, additive plants and inspection laboratories
    • Sulfur
      - LOD: 0.4 ppm at 300 s
      - Dynamic Range: 0.4 ppm to 5 wt%
    • Chlorine
      - LOD: 0.3 ppm at 300 s
      - Dynamic Range: 0.3 ppm to 3000 ppm
  • Benefits

    • Easy to use
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • Total sulfur & chlorine analysis
    • For use in multiple application areas
    • Hassle-free sample prep
  • Downloads

  • Options

    • LIMS data-output compatible software


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