XOS PetraMAX Analyzer

Petra MAX delivers D4294 sulfur analysis in addition to 12 elements from P to Zn, for rapid monitoring of critical elements like Ca, Fe, K, Ni, and V at sub-ppm levels. Petra MAX offers advanced precision with HDXRF, advanced reliability, and advanced software and data management.

Multi Elemental Analysis

Petroleum laboratories depend on reliable, robust analytical solutions for their fast-paced environment. Petra MAX was designed to meet these needs with an innovative sample introduction system that directs accidental spills to a drip tray and away from valuable components.

Petra MAX Autosampler offers a more efficient workflow with sample tracking and continuous sample loading. Users can eliminate data errors and add urgent samples to the queue as needed.

  • Applications

    • Hydrocarbons
    • Water
    • Catalyst Powder
    • Carbon Powder
    • Dynamic Range Sulfur 5.7 ppm – 10 wt%
  • Benefits

    Petra offers the latest software features and data management for simple, intuitive operation.

    • Store up to 30 calibration curves
    • Data output via Ethernet connection to LIMS or transfer over USB
    • On-screen averaging allows users to quickly check performance levels across multiple measurements
    • Data history stores results for 10k measurements
  • Downloads

  • Options

    The Autosampler Upgrade Kit can be added to any Petra Series analyzer. Users have the option to use X-ID Sample Cups (QR-coded) or standard XRF cups.

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