XOS Clora Analyzer

Clora® is a compact analyzer to measure total chlorine in liquid hydrocarbons such as aromatics, distillates, heavy fuels, crude oils, and aqueous solutions. Clora delivers unprecedented accuracy and precision for petroleum and petrochemical applications where ease-of-use, reliability and measurement speed are critical.

Analysis of total Chlorine in Liquid Hydrocarbons

Clora benchtops are compliant with ASTM D7536 and D4929 standards, and deliver a limit of detection of 0.13 ppm and a dynamic range up to 3000 ppm. Clora is powered by MWDXRF, the same technology found in our signature sulfur analyzer, Sindie. This direct measurement technique does not require gasses or high temperature processes equating to easy operation and minimum maintenance requirements.

Clora offers many features such as extended range with and without catalyst, autosampler, and Accu-flow. Accu-flow technology eliminates particle settling and delivers results that better reflect crude streams as they exist in the refinery. Over a typical measurement cycle, the heavier particles can settle to the bottom of the sample cup and cause higher than normal results.

  • Applications

    • Total chlorine analysis from aqueous solutions and aromatic products to heavy fuels, crudes, and Catalyst
    • For refineries, petrochemical and additive plants, pipeline terminals, and test laboratories
    • LOD: 0.13 ppm for hydrocarbons
    • LOD: 0.3 ppm for aqueous samples
    • Dynamic Range: 0.13 ppm to 3000 ppm
  • Benefits

    • Fits on any lab bench

    • Easy to use

    • Intuitive touch screen

    • Just plug-in and measure

    • Measurement time: 30-900 s

    • Extremely low maintenance: no conversion gasses, heating elements, columns, or quartz tubing
  • Downloads

  • Options

      • LIMS data output compatible software

      • Extended Range (XR): 0.13 ppm to 4 wt%

      • Catalyst testing capability

      • Accu-flow*

      • 8-cell Autosampler*

      • Accucell Sample Basket Available

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