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DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyzer

Peroxides present a potential safety hazard during production and storage. They also have a negative effect on fuels and fuel systems by reducing the octane rating in gasoline. To monitor the trace amounts of peroxides Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has developed the Fast Peroxide Analyzer based upon a flow injection analysis as a safe and fast alternative to the traditional analysis methods, such as ASTM D2340 and ASTM E299. Watch the video for an explanation of the system configuration followed by a demonstration of the analysis of Peroxide traces in petrochemical streams.

Safe & fast analysis of Peroxides at ppb level

The Fast Peroxide Analyzer uses an Agilent 1260 infinity II HPLC system configured with a dedicated reaction module to automate the safe, fast and accurate analysis of active oxygen originated from hydrogen peroxides and other organic peroxides. 

The sample is injected into the reagent stream of acidified Iodide and transferred to the Reaction Module. The Peroxides present in the sample will react with the Iodide to Iodine and form a yellow-brownish color. The DVLS Reaction Module is designed to optimize the conversion to Iodine. This is the same reaction that takes place in the iodometric titration: 

ROOR + 2I- + 2H+ → I2 + 2 ROH

After the reaction the formed Iodine is detected using UV-VIS spectroscopy at its
optimal wavelength for Iodine.

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