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DVLS Column Switching Module

To provide unmatched possibilities for your HPLC applications Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) has developed a dedicated Column Switching Module that allows you to switch between six, eight or even ten different HPLC columns before starting the HPLC analysis.

Efficient & Reliable HPLC Analysis

The DVLS Column Switching Module is designed to hold up to 6, 8 or 10 HPLC columns at atmospheric temperature. Any HPLC column can be used up to 30 cm.

The module is configured with:

  • 10 positions to hold the HPLC colums
  • a VICI switching valve
  • a solvent collection tray
  • a touch screen interface

The use of the VICI switching valve gives you direct access to each column. You can run various analysis methods without the need to connect or disconnect the HPLC columns.

  • Benefits

    • Efficient column switching without the need to connect or disconnect the columns
    • Flexible switching up to 10 columns
    • The solvent collection tray prevents any damage to the module, bench or staff
  • Downloads

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