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DVLS LPG Analyzer ASTM D2163

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers an LPG Analyzer according to ASTM D2163, EN27491, UOP373 and UOP603.

Analysis of LPG Composition by Gas Chromatography

The LPG Analyzer designed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) characterizes the composition of refinery gases and liquefied gases under pressure. The GC system is built up in two separate channels with each channel his own detector.

One channel determines CH4, CO and CO2 using micropacked columns and a Methanizer FID. C1- C5 hydrocarbons are measured on the other channel. All channels operate simultaneously to provide fast analysis.

  • Applications

    The LPG system complies with ASTM D2163, EN27491, UOP373 and UOP603 to determine

    • C1 – C5 hydrocarbons in LPG, Ethylene, Propylene in liquid form if necessary
    • CO, CO2 at low ppm level
    • Various calculation parameters e.g. vapour pressure, density.

    Sample Range:

    • LPG

    Detection Limit:

    The lowest detection limit (LDL) of the DVLS LPG Analyer system is:

    • 0.001% for hydrocarbons
    • 1 ppm CO, CO2
  • Configuration

    The DVLS LPG system uses an Agilent Gas Chromatograph configured with:

    • FID (Flame Ionization Detector) with EPC
    • FID (Flame Ionization Detector) with EPC and a Methanizer
    • DVLS Side Carrier to heat the columns
    • Pressure station for facilitating LPG and gas sampling (optional)

    Method setup and primary data acquisition is done by Openlab Chemstation software.

    Mol%/Wt%/Vol% conversion, as well as specific LPG calculations are carried out using DVLS PetroReporter software.

  • Downloads

  • Options

    DVLS Pressure Station

    DVLS PetroReporter

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