DVLS Impurities in Ethylene & Propylene Analyzer

To prevent poisoning of the catalysts it is essential to check the feedstock contaminants such as Arsine, Phosphine. Da Vinci developed a GC application to determine traces of Arsine, Phosphine & Permanent Gases in Ethylene and Propylene.


  • Applications

    The DVLS Impurities Analyzer determines traces of Arsine, Phosphine & Permanent Gases in Ethylene and Propylene.

    The typical working range of the permanent gas impurities is low ppmV to 100 ppmV and Arsine/Phosphine is low ppbV to 10 ppmV.

  • Benefits

    • Dedicated analysis of Arsine, Phosphine and permanent gases
    • Excellent performance specifications
    • High level of automation through the OPENLAB software
    • Use of diaphragm valves eliminates the need for air actuators and saves space
  • Configuration

    The Impurities in Ethylene/Propylene application is based upon an Agilent Technologies Gas Chromatograph

    • a pre-column to backflush the hydrocarbon matrix
    • an analytical column
    • a heated Side Carrier that contains:
      • a gas sampling valve to inject the gas sample
      • several switching valves to isolate various components and to backflush
    • a Pulsed Discharge Helium Ionization Detector (PDHID) to detect the traces of arsine, phosphine and permanent gases
    • a G-CAL permeation device to calibrate the system using the permeation tubes or a calibration gas
    • OpenLAB CDS Chemstation or EZChrom software for instrument control, data acquisition, peak integration and calibration.
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