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DVLS Custom Solutions

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions also offers customized applications based on an Agilent GC. The application range includes custom solutions for various branches such as the environment, petrochemical industry and food and flavour.

Custom GC Analysis

Custom GC Analysis Based on your specifications Da Vinci will define a project proposal in which the various phases are described such as the system specifications, planning, testing up to commissioning. In the application lab at our headoffices in Rotterdam the Application Development team will work on the engineering, assembly up to the testing of the application. To ensure the correct functioning of the analytical application, each system is calibrated with the required calibration samples. In addition, the methods are created and a test report is printed.

Analytical Testing

To ensure that the DVLS Custom analyzer meets the requirements Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT) or Site Testing.Would you like to be present during the testing phase? We will be happy to invite you. It is also possible to bring your samples to check the analytical functionality at the application lab of Da Vinci. After acceptance the application will be shipped to your location and installed by an engineer in your laboratory. In addition, Da Vinci provides the familiarization, training and commissioning at your location.

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