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AlyTech LiqMix

Automated, cost effective way for on-site generation of gas standards for chemicals that are not commercially available in cylinders, like unstable, reactive compounds in complex multicomponent mixtures. LiqMix is a simple and reliable way to perform multi-point calibrations, linearity and hysteresis checks, LOQ / LOD validation with gas standards such as BTEX, other hydrocarbons mix, siloxanes, ethanol and phenol, and others.


Generate your gas standard from a liquid

Some analytical fields need gas standards which are not easily commercially available in gas cylinders. AlyTech has developed LiqMix specifically for those applications when you need to produce a standard gas from a liquid or liquid mixture.

The system vaporizes in precisely controlled manner a liquid into a gas stream generating a gas standard at multiple concentrations with good accuracy, high repeatability and full traceability. Rich remote control functionalities of the software and automated programmed sequences enable full automation by synchronising the mixer/diluter with a gas chromatograph, pre-concentrator, spectrometer, gas analyser or other system.

  • Applications

    • Biogas : generation of siloxane standards (issue of silicone containing contaminants)

    • Air Regeneration Systems : ethanol and phenol standards to test efficiency of charcoal filters

    • Humidity sensors: generation of moisture standards (sensor validation)

    • Toxic gas detectors: Gas detectors calibration, and alarm level checks

  • Benefits

    • Creating gas phase standards from a gas, liquid or liquid cocktail mixture
    • Wide range of concentrations from % down to ppm
    • Dedicated LiqMix software does all calculations and devices control
    • Build, save, run complex automated sequences of mixing/diluting
    • Robust design, simple in use, fully automated operation
    • Full automation of the process provides real time-saving for the operator
    • Heated lines prevent condensation and maintain the vapors in gas phase
  • Downloads

  • Options

    A fully inert version

    compatible with most aggressive gases and active compounds like sulfurs, H2S, ammonia, VOC

    A liquid canister

    1L stainless steel flask with support. Includes tubing with a tap and connection fittings

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