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VICI Pulsed Discharge Detectors

VICI PDDs (pulsed discharge detectors) utilize a stable, low powered, pulsed DC discharge in helium as an ionization source. Eluants from the column, flowing counter to the flow of helium from the discharge zone, are ionized by photons from the helium discharge. The bias electrode(s) focus the resulting electrons toward the collector electrode, where they cause changes in the standing current which are quantified as the detector output. Performance is equal to or better than detectors with conventional radioactive sources.

Pulsed Discharge Detectors

In the electron capture mode, the PDD is a selective detector for monitoring high electron affinity compounds such as freons, chlorinated pesticides, and other halogen compounds. For this type of compound, the minimum detectable quantity (MDQ) is at the femtogram (10-15) or picogram (10-12) level. The PDD is similar in sensitivity and response characteristics to a conventional radioactive ECD, and can be operated at temperatures up to 400°C.

In the helium photoionization mode, the PDD is a universal, non-destructive, high sensitivity detector. The response to both inorganic and organic compounds is linear over a wide range. Response to fixed gases is positive (increase in standing current), with an MDQ in the low ppb range. The PDD in helium photoionization mode is an excellent replacement for flame ionization detectors in petrochemical or refinery environments, where the flame and use of hydrogen can be problematic. 

  • Benefits


    • Non-radioactive, non-destructive, highly sensitive, and universal
    • Linear response over a wide range
    • Minimum detectable quantities for most compounds in the low ppb range

    3D for 8890 GC: 

    • Universal detector
    • Wide linear dynamic range (5 orders LDR, from low ppb to high ppm)
    • Lower detection limits (<1pbb for most compounds)
    • Plug-n-play on new or existing 8890 GC, using Agilent electrometer and interface boards
    • Low maintenance
  • Configuration

    The D-2 is a dual mode, universal detector system which can be retro-fitted to your older GC. The D-2-I is optimized for trace level work in the helium photoionization mode. The stand-alone systems include detector, controller, electrometer, helium purifier, and power supply. Available for 110 VAC and 220 VAC.

    VICI model D-3-I-8890 for the Agilent 8890 GC joins the lineup of Pulse Discharge Detectors already available for plug-and-play installation on the Agilent 6890 and 7890. Model D-3 is designed for plug-and-play installation on the popular Agilent 6890, 7890, and 8890 and is optimized for trace level work in the helium photoionization mode. The D-3 utilizes the electronics and power supply of the host GC.

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