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Columns are the basis of all GC, HPLC and UPLC applications. Therefore Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers a wide range of different types and brands. Below you will find an overview of columns from Agilent, Macherey-Nagel, Trajan, VICI and Hamilton. In addition to the standard Polysiloxane columns, the following types of columns are available:

  • Low Bleed (GCMS) columns
  • Ultra Inert GC columns
  • Wax columns
  • PLOT columns
  • Metal columns
  • High temperature columns
  • Chiral columns
  • Packed columns
  • Guard columns

Advice on columns for your chromatography system

The possibilities are endless. Do you need advice or more information about the columns? Download the catalogs or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advice.

Agilent Columns

Hamilton Columns


Trajan (SGE) Columns

VICI Columns

  • Agilent Columns

    Agilent JW ColumnsAgilent columns are released under the J&W brand and also have different application types such as HP, DP, VF and CP-SIL, CP-WAX, etc columns. In addition, Agilent offers specific columns for the LTM and Intuvo systems.

    Download the Agilent catalogs for more information. 

  • Hamilton Columns

    Hamilton is best known for their syringes, but they also offer a range of HPLC columns for Reversed-Phase, Anion Exchange, Cation Exchange and Ion Exclusion applications. Hamilton lists the different phases with PRP, HxSil, RCX and HC codes.

    Download the Hamilton catalog for more information on the columns.

  • Macherey-Nagel Columns

    MN ColumnsMacherey-Nagel offers different column phases:

    HPLC Applications:


    GC Applications:

    • OPTIMA

    Download the Macherey-Nagel catalog for more information on columns.

  • Trajan Columns

    Trajan gc columnsTrajan (SGE) also has columns for GC applications, such as:

    • BP columns
    • BPX columns
    • BP BOND (PLOT) columns

    In addition, Trajan also has specific columns:

    • HT (HT5, HT8 and HT8-PCB) columns
    • SolGel (SolGel-WAX and SolGel-1ms) columns

    Download the Trajan catalog for more information.

  • VICI Columns

    Vici Valco columnsVICI also has its own range of GC columns; the ValcoBond and ValcoPLOT columns, which are referred to as VB and ValcoPLOT. These can be found in the catalog below. Here you can find the application range per phase.

    In addition VICI offers the possibility to supply many of their columns wrapped with a nickel wire and completely insulated, so that they can be used as a Fats GC application.

    Although their product range does not include HPLC columns, VICI does have an HPLC column switching valve, which can be found in the catalog below. More information about this can be found at the DVLS Column Switching Module.

    For more information on the VICI columns please download the catalog.

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