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DVLS3 Simply Smart Sensor

The DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor provides a safe technique to detect a hydrogen leak in GC instruments. By constantly monitoring the hydrogen concentrations and automatically switching to an inert gas when the LEL is reached, the Simply, Smart Sensor ensures safety.

Monitor Hydrogen in GC Oven and detect hydrogen leaks

The DVLS³ Simply, Smart Sensor is installed in the GC oven for continuous monitoring of the hydrogen concentrations in the oven air. The LCD screen of the external controller displays the measured gas concentration. If the sensor detects a user defined hydrogen concentration, typically between 25% and 50% LEL (equal to 1%-2% by Vol. hydrogen), it will ensure the safety of the laboratory staff by several means:

  1. The LCD screen of the sensor controller starts flashing and the controller transmits an acoustic signal.
  2. The sensor software alerts the lab staff by:
    1. showing a red status on the dashboard
    2. sending an alarm message by e-mail, text (SMS), Growl or Prowl
  3. The sensor controller automatically switches the carrier gas to an inert gas and sends an automatic stop signal to the GC.
  • Applications

    Due to the unique design of the DVLS3 Simply, Smart Sensor you can combine up to four sensors in one controller. For example use four sensors for several GC’s or connect several sensors to one GC. The sensor is compatible with all GC brands. Next to the hydrogen leak detection Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers multiple sensors dedicated to the detection of:

    • Hydrogen (H2)
    • Temperature
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Level (liquid) weight
  • Benefits

    • Safe technique to constantly monitor hydrogen leaks
    • Automatic alarm transmission through:
      1. Optical and acoustic alarms
      2. E-mail messages
      3. Text (SMS) messages
      4. Growl
      5. Prowl
    • Dedicated software controls the alarm settings per sensor & user
    • Audit trail function creates a record of the reported alarms and settings
    • Automatic carrier gas switching from Hydrogen to Nitrogen
    • Leak detection indicates analysis is compromised
    • Automatic stop signal sent to the GC
    • Easy calibration and installation
    • Compatible with all GC brands
    • Versatile design supports up to 4 sensors. Select four sensor types out of the following options:
      1. Hydrogen
      2. Hydrogen as Leak Detector
      3. Temperature
      4. Barometric Pressure
      5. Level (liquid) weight

    The versatile multi sensor offers GC labs a safe solution to change the GC carrier gas to hydrogen.

  • Downloads

  • Options

    DVLS3 Sensor Dashboard Main Alarm 1

    The new optional DVLS3 Sensor software allows you to set up the system configuration, define alarm settings, manage users and create an audit trail. The software can be used either stand-alone or in a network configuration. Configure the hardware by manually entering the sensor specifications or use the Device Scanning option to automatically scan for new sensor devices and add the specifications.

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