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DVLS MS-Reporter

Use DVLS MS-Reporter software to detect minor differences between a sample and control.

Data processing for GC/MS, LC/MS & GC/MS or GCxGC/MS

MS-Reporter compares all detected fragment ions which allows the detection of very small differences either free from interferences or buried under large peaks. The software processes the data for GC/MS, LC/MS & GC/MS or GCxGC/MS analyses.

After Differential Analysis the program will run advanced deconvolution to cluster all detected ions into components. NIST MS Library search is used to automatically identify all detected components. MS-Reporter can also be used for Deconvolution and ID of a single sample.

  • Applications

    The software processes the data for GC/MS, LC/MS & GC/MS or GCxGC/MS analyses.

  • Benefits

    • Import and graphical exploration: Import data from all major vendors. Compare mass spectra and extracted ion currents from sample and control graphically and decide whether alignment will be necessary.
    • Peak detection: MS-Reporter detects all significant ions in your data file having true chromatographic peak shapes in just a few seconds.
    • Differential analysis: Run Differential Analysis to find all ions that are different between sample and control.
    • Deconvolution: MS-Reporter uses different levels of deconvolution depending on the complexity of the data.
    • Identification: MS-Reporter links directly with the NIST Search program
  • Downloads

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