DVLS DVLS GC Fractionator

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) introduces the new DVLS GC-Fractionator; a fractionation platform based on post-column infusion of a trap solvent that collects up to 384 fractions of gas chromatographic separation with a parallel detection to correlate each fraction with analytical information.


Post-Column Fractionation

After the gas chromatographic separation and parallel detection the DVLS GC-Fractionator applies an additional gasified solvent to the sample line to dissolve the analytes during the solvent condensation process prior collection in a well.
A time-based program manages, by controlling the moving Fractionation tool, the collection of each fraction either to a well position of the well plate or to waste.

The fully automated fractionation approach based on post-column infusion of a preheated volatile solvent enables the collection of microfractions and is capable to collect a full GC separation fractions with parallel detection. The high repeatability of the fraction collection process allows multiple fractionation rounds of the same sample to increase the concentration of collected compounds.

  • Applications

    Post-column self seeding


  • Benefits

    • A robust and automated GC fractionation platform.
    • Fractionation of complete chromatograms.
    • Multiple injections for repeated fractionation in the same wells or vials increase the concentration of the individual compounds.
    • Dedicated software visualizes where the fraction of interest is located in the vial or well.
    • Solvent safety system detects a possible solvent leak in the GC oven.
    • Flexible movement order allows to easily switch between racks, wells and vials
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