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DVLS Sulfur in Gasoline &  Diesel Analyzer ASTM D5623

Da Vinci Laboratory solutions offers a Sulfur analyzer that complies with ASTM D5623. The system is configured with a special designed Sulfur detector (SCD) that makes use of the technique with equimolar response to Sulphur components to determine sulfur in gasoline and diesel samples.

Sulfur GC-SCD Analysis

The system is a single channel system with one channel for the Sulphur species. Separation is done with use of a special columns suitable for separation of sulfur species and lighter hydrocarbon components. In case of heavier samples like Diesel then total S quantification for the heavier samples needs  to be calculated due to overload of components in the chromatogram. Single S component determination might still be possible but is depending on the elution pattern. 

  • Applications

    The Sulfur analyzer complies with ASTM D5623 to determine Sulphur components in gasoline and diesel samples.


  • Configuration

    The DVLS Sulfur Analyzer is based upon the Agilent Gas Chromatograph configured with

    • a Sulphur Chemiluminescence Detector
    • a Split/Splitless injector with EPC (Electronic Pressure/Flow Control)
    • a Method according to ASTM D5623 for Sulphur speciation
    • an Auto sampler to inject samples automatically
  • Downloads

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