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DVLS Low Oxygenates Analyzers

To prevent the poisoning effects of oxygenates on catalysts in downstream polymerization processes it is essential to determine the oxygenate traces in hydrocarbon feedstocks. Also regulations require the analysis of oxygenates in fuels, even at ppm level. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) offers a range of Low Oxygenates (LowOx) Analyzers to determine oxygenate traces in hydrocarbon matrices such as crude oils, gases and gasolines.

GC Analysis of Trace Oxygenates

The DVLS Low Oxygenates Analyzers comply with the ASTM D7059, D7423, D7754 or UOP 960 test methods to characterize oxygenates traces in Hydrocarbon Matrices.

The DVLS Low Oxygenates Analyzer is based upon the Agilent 8890 Gas Chromatograph (GC) with built-in intelligence & electronic pneumatic control (EPC) and configured with dedicated hardware to meet the required test method, such as valves, a Deans switch, PTI or Pre-Fractionator. Various options are available to customize the oxygenates analysis such as the Liquefied Gas Injector to achieve ppb level detection limits for the analysis of trace oxygenates.

  • Applications

    The DVLS Low Oxygenates Analyzers comply with the following test methods: 
    Test Method   Analysis
    ASTM D7059 Methanol traces in Crude Oil
    ASTM D7423 Trace Oxygenates in C2—C5 Hydrocarbon Matrices and Hydrocarbon Liquids with a BP <250°C
    ASTM D7754 Trace Oxygenates in Auto-motive spark-ignition Engine Fuels
    UOP 960 Trace Oxygenated Hydro-carbons in Refinery Gases, LPG and Liquid Hydrocarbons

  • Benefits

    • Analyzers comply with ASTM D7059, D7423, D7754 or UOP 960
    • High quality GC hardware based on Agilent platform
    • Multidimensional setup of the configurations
    • Analysis of individual oxygenates in various hydrocarbon matrices down to 100 ppb
    • Dedicated options available to customize your oxygenates analysis
  • Configuration

    The DVLS Low Oxygenates UOP 960 Analyzer uses an Agilent 8890 GC with a valve configuration including a non-polar column to hold the Hydrocarbons and a Lowox column to separate the oxygenates. 

    The DVLS Low Oxygenates ASTM D7423/D7754 Analyzer is based upon the Agilent 8890 GC configured with a Deans switch, a Programmable Temperature Inlet (PTI) or split/splitless inlet to determine the oxygenate traces.

    The Low Oxygenates D7059 Analyzer is based upon the Agilent 8890 GC  configured with a Pre-Fractionator which allows the system to backflush heavier components and to detect the oxygenate traces with an FID detector.

    DVLS LowOx Analyzer UOP 960 & ASTM D 7059 


  • Downloads

  • Options

    Customized Analysis
    Select the following options to customize your analysis:

    • an additional Flame Ionization Detector for additional analysis;
    • a Liquid Sampling Valve or Gas Sampling Valve for the sampling of liquefied gases;
    • a Liquefied Gas Injector to achieve ppb level detection limits for the trace analysis;
    • a Pressure Station for a representative sample introduction.
     DVLS LGI Injector


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