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DVLS Biodiesel Analyzer 

To check biodiesel for any glycerides and methanol content there are various analysis methods available. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions offers several applications for a Biodiesel analysis that comply with these methods.

Determination of Glycerides and Methanol Content in Biodiesel

Refiners add biofuel to regular diesel and gasoline fuels to comply with the EU regulations for renewable fuels. Biodiesel is produced by converting vegetable oils or animal fats into fatty acid methyl esters (or FAMEs) in a two-step process. As both steps are equilibrium reactions, there is no complete conversion. Therefore it is essential to purify the fatty acid methyl esters as any remaining glycerides could clog up the engine and cause additional soot when burned. Methanol is an undesirable byproduct, because it is toxic and could lead to the emission of harmful aldehydes. To check biodiesel for glycerides, esters and methanol Da Vinci offers the DVLS Biodiesel analyzers that are ready to use for the following applications:

  1. EN14110
  2. EN14103 & EN15779
  3. EN14105 & ASTM D6584

Bureau Veritas invested in Biodiesel Analyzer supplied by Da Vinci

In the Magazine LABinsights Bureau Veritas explains why it's great to have FAME equipment delivered ready to use. As the use of biodiesel increases, so does the importance of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) analyses. Bureau Veritas’ Amterdam lab invested in special equipment of Da Vinci to quickly analyze FAME samples from ship cargoes.

Read the complete article for more information.

  • Applications

    The DVLS Biodiesel Analyzers comply with the following test methods to characterize glycerides and/or methanol content in Biodiesel: 

    • ASTM D6584
    • EN14103
    • EN14105
    • EN14110
    • EN15779
  • Benefits

    • Flexible GC configuration dedicated to your application requirements:
      √ EN 14110
      √ EN 14103/EN 15779
      √ EN14105/ASTM D 6584
    • High level of automation includes reporting of properties calculation
    • Factory tested application
  • Configuration

    The DVLS Biodiesel analyzers are based upon the Agilent 8860 or 8890 gas chromatograph (GC) with built-in intelligence and electronic pneumatic control (EPC). The analyzers are dedicated to the following applications:
    1. EN 14110
    2. EN14103 & EN 15779
    3. EN 14105 & ASTM D6584

    The configuration of the Biodiesel Analyzers offers you a high flexibility. Select from the following configuration options to fully meet your requirements:

    • Three separate GC’s for a maximum sample throughput. Each GC is dedicated to one application;
    • Two separate GC’s consisting of two or three channels. Each channel is dedicated to one application.

    Data acquisition, instrument control and integration are performed with the Agilent ChemStation, EZChrom or OpenLab software.
    The DVLS PetroReporter software automates chromatographic data processing & reporting of the biodiesel applications.

  • Downloads

  • Options

    Depending on the required application the GC is equipped with:

    • Agilent Automatic Liquid Sampler;
    • Automatic or Manual Head Space Sampler for sample introduction of Methanol;
    • Flame Ionization Detector(s) with high scanning rate;
    • Split/Splitless injection port(s) or cool-on column injection port(s);
    • Analytical column(s) for a dedicated analysis.

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