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AlyTech LiqMix™ NEPHOS

Some applications require gas mixtures or standards that are not commercially available in cylinders. LiqMixTM nephos, developed by AlyTech, is a dynamic system that custom generates these standard gases from pure liquids or mixtures of liquids.

From liquids, generate your gaseous mixtures at the desired concentrations.

The instrument vaporizes the liquid phase in a gas stream, generating a custom gas standard, of multiple concentrations and in a faithful and accurate manner. The production of a standard gas then benefits from full traceability and quality monitoring thanks to the associated software.

The software, developed by AlyTech, allows you to create sequences, to have quality monitoring and can be synchronized with third-party instruments such as GC, a spectrometer, a preconcentrator, a gas analyser, or any other instrument.

  • Applications

    • Liquids: Pure liquids or mixtures of liquids (eg water, organic solvents) without particles, traces of polymerization or formation of salts.

    • Gas compatibility: Pure gases, mixtures of concentrated gases, most aggressive gases used in industry and research.

  • Benefits

    • Create a standard gas from one or more gases, one or two pure liquids or mixtures of liquids. NEW
    • Complies with ISO 6145-7.
    • Designed to evolve: easy to add liquid or gas channels. NEW
    • Mixing of 2 liquid channels simultaneously. NEW
    • Automatic management of liquid supply and rinsing phases NEW 
    • Generate a wide range of concentrations from ppb to %.
    • New software dedicated to the LiqMixTM nephos allowing to perform all the calculations and to have a quality follow-up and a traceability of the tests. 
    • Create, store and plot complex sequences.
    • The complete automation of the system saves significant operator time.
    • Robust design, simple maintenance and use.
    • All our appliances are treated with “Sulfinert” to reduce the risk of corrosion.
  • Downloads

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