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New ASTM method D8534 approved for Trace Peroxides Analysis in Liquid Hydrocarbons Streams

In December 2023 the ASTM subcommittee D16.04 approved the new D8534 method to determine Trace Peroxides in Liquid, Liquefied and Reagents Soluble Hydrocarbon Streams. This method standardizes the analysis of peroxides by a flow injection system with a ultraviolet/visible detector, which resolves any air interference issues compared to more traditional methods such as ASTM D2340 and ASTM E299. The new ASTM D8534 method features the Fast Peroxide Analyzer (FPA) developed by Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions.

The Fast Peroxide Analyzer is based on Agilent HPLC hardware configured with a Reaction Module, AutoSampler or Sampling Valve and a Variable Wavelength Detector. Depending on the matrix a Pressure Station with Sampling Valve is used for a safe handling of a pressurized liquefied gas sample contained in a cylinder.

Check out the product video for a demonstration of the analysis of peroxide traces in liquid hydrocarbon streams.

The liquid hydrocarbon sample is injected into the reagent stream of acidified Iodide and transferred to the Reaction Module. The Peroxides present in the sample react with Iodide to Iodine and form a yellow-brownish color.
The Reaction Module is designed by Da Vinci to optimize the conversion to Iodine. This is the same reaction that takes place in an iodometric titration. After the reaction the yellow-brownish color of Iodine is measured by an UV-VIS detector. In less than 5 minutes the Peroxide content is determined. The analysis results shows an excellent performance down to ppb level.

More information 

Several applications notes on the FPA analysis are available:

  1. Application note on the analysis of peroxides in 1,3-Butadiene
  2. Application note on the analysis of peroxides in various chemical samples
  3. Application note on the analysis of peroxides in Styrene monomer
Download the application notes or contact us for more information.

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