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New Approach of Liquid Gas Injection for GC Analysis

Current GC analysis for liquefied gases is using a rotary valve to inject a liquefied gas sample into a Gas Chromatograph. 

A new approach is to use the Da Vinci developed Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI). Register here to listen to the webinar on the Injector.

This injection system is designed to inject gas samples under pressure in liquid form direct into the Gas Chromatograph using electrical solenoids on time basis, for that reason, the injection volume is variable.
For residue in LPG the LGI is used in the ASTM D7756 method and is also mentioned in the LPG fuel spec as an alternative to the stain method. Apart from residue analysis the LGI can be used for various liquefied gases under pressure such as impurities in butadiene, propylene and for the determination of elemental sulfur in LPG.

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