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New Application Note on the Analysis of Peroxide traces in Styrene by the FPA as alternative to ASTM D2340

A traditional method for quantifying Peroxides is ASTM D2340: an iodometric titration method for determining the Peroxide content in Styrene monomer. Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has developed an automated alternative to the current titration method based on a flow injection analysis: the Fast Peroxide Analyzer (FPA). A new application note describes the analysis of Peroxides in Styrene monomer using the FPA system compared with the iodometric titration method ASTM D2340.

Flow Injection System

To eliminate any safety hazard and to provide accurate results Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has introduced the Fast Peroxide Analyzer (FPA) based upon a flow injection system. The FPA system uses an Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC system configured with a pump, an autosampler, a DVLS reaction module and a UV-VIS detector.  

Comparison of FPA with ASTM D2340

Two production batches of polymerization grade Styrene were analyzed during transshipment using both ASTM D2340 and the DVLS FPA. Duplicate samples from both batches were taken during loading of the barges and from the shoretank after discharge. Each sample was analyzed in tenfold on the FPA.

The comparison with the iodometric titration method ASTM D2340 demonstrates that the FPA greatly improves the repeatability, reproducibility and LOD. The FPA analysis also allows a better monitoring of the Peroxide content during custody transfer of Styrene, which is indicated by the analysis results. 

More information 

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