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New Application Note on the Fast & Accurate Analysis of Peroxides in Chemical Products

The new application note describes the analysis of Peroxides in various chemical products, such as Aromatics, alpha-Olefins and Styrenes using the Fast Peroxides Analyzer. 

Flow Injection Analysis

The existing methods to determine Peroxides in hydrocarbon products include iodometric titration and spectrophotometry methods. These methods are labor intensive and may lead to erroneous results due to air interference. To eliminate the safety hazard and solve the air interference issue Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions has developed the DVLS Fast Peroxide Analyzer (FPA). The FPA system uses an Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC system configured with a pump, an autosampler, a DVLS reaction module and a UV-VIS detector. The FPA system uses a flow injection technique to determine the Peroxides present in the sample. 

Wide Application Range

The Fast Peroxide Analyzer was initially developed to monitor peroxides in alpha-olefinic streams, however the application note shows that it can also be used to determine Peroxides in various chemical products such as:
• Alcohols & Ethers;
• Aromatics;
• Dicyclopentadiene;
• Styrene & Vinyl Pyridines.

Analysis Results

The results show that the Fast Peroxide Analyzer is a fast and accurate alternative to current titration and spectrophotometric test methods. Examples of the chemical samples that can be analyzed with the FPA are Alcohols & Ethers, Aromatics, Dicyclopentadiene, Styrenes and Vinyl Pyridines. The calibration curves in different sample matrices show that the sample matrix does not affect the response. Depending on the product detection limits at ppb level are achieved.

More information 

Download the application note or contact us for more information.

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