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    Automated Solutions

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Introducing Kinesis Deuterium Lamps

Introducing Kinesis Deuterium Lamps

There are 5 top reasons to use the Kinesis Deuterium Lamps.

5 top reasons to use Kinesis D2 Lamps?

  1. The Kinesis lamps use the same bar lamps as those used in instrument manufacturers' lamps and so offer OEM equivalent lamps. 
  2. The Kinesis lamps come with the warranty as that offered by Instrument Manufacturers, LL coded lamps are guarenteed for 2000 hours or 12 months* shelf life and non LL coded lamps are guarenteed for 1000 hours or 6 months* of shelf life.
  3. The Kinesis product range is extensive and covers more than 90% of all the leading instruments used worldwide.
  4. Each Kinesis lamp is individually tested, certified and guaranteed to the same specification as the Instrument Manufacturers. All test, manufacturing and sales data is then recorded against each lamp's unique serial number.
  5. The list price of Kinesis lamps is up to 30% lower than the Instrument Manufacturers, so when you combine the quality, traceability, performance and the range of lamps you get fantastic savings without compromising on quality.

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions also offers these lamps next to our current portfolio of laboratory & chromatographic supplies. Need assistance on selecting supplies?

Contact our specialists at: +31-10-258 1878

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