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Summer Sale at Da Vinci

June 2015

Summer sale at Da Vincioffer up to 20% discount on various supplies: MACHEREY NAGEL Chromabond columns, Duran Glassware, VICI Jour PEEK tubing, Sartorius Pipettes & tips, MACHEREY NAGEL Test paper, test strips, vials & caps. This offer is valid up to October 1, 2015.

Need inert coating for your GC parts? Request for a quote

March 2015

DVLS UltraSilc Coating

To meet the growing need for inert material in gas chromatography analysis Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions (DVLS) introduces DVLS UltraSilc coating: a process to treat stainless steel, borosilicate glass or quartz GC parts to eliminate adsorption of unstable components. The coating facilities are located at the DVLS head offices in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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