GAS FlavourSpec

The FlavourSpec® represents the synergies of a fast gas chromatograph and the outstanding sensitivity of an IMS. It enables the selective detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of solid and liquid samples. As result a 3 dimensional spectra as characteristic fingerprint of the sample is achieved and further analyzed using multivariate data analysing tools.

To make the operation of sampling and processing simple and easy the system is set up with an automatic GC headspace injector.

Your fast and easy-to-use tool for Food Control

The FlavourSpec operates isotherm in a range of 40-80°C and can be set to >100°C for baking out (cleaning). To better separate compounds the instrument uses a firmware steered ramping by its integrated Electronic Pneumatic Controller.

Besides the instrument itself the FlavourSpec® consists of an automatic headspace injector that does all sample conditioning. The operator just enters the measurement parameters (number of samples, conditioning and run time) via the very easy to operate menu on the sampler.

The FlavourSpec provides an automatic data acquisition on the device and when connected to a PC 3-D data visualization and analysis by G.A.S. Laboratory Analytical Viewer (LAV) software.

  • Applications

    • Control of storage conditions
    • Food freshness
    • Control of production process
    • Process optimisation
    • Flavour evaluation and flavour stability
    • Test of raw materials
    • Product authentication
  • Benefits

    • Automatic GC headspace injector
    • Stand-alone system with integrated computer
    • Heated IMS, column, lines (< 80°C)
    • Purification mode
    • Access to all relevant parameters for method development: Temperature control of IMS, column, injector, drift and carrier gas flow rate
    • Software controlled switching between positive and negative ionization mode
    • Manual or fully-automatic operation incl. data acquisition, analysis and visualization
    • Storage of data on internal memory or external network shares and transfer to external devices
    • PC-Software package
  • Downloads

  • Specifications

    Working principle: Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)

    Ionisation: ß-radiation source (Tritium (3H))

    Activity: 300 MBq, below the exemption limit of 1 GBq, EURATOM guideline

    Drift voltage polarity: Positive and negative, switchable

    Sampling: Automatic GC headspace injector

    Detection limit: Low ppbv

    Dynamic range: 1-3 orders of magnitude

    Display: 6.4" TFT, VGA-Display

    Input unit: Rotary pulse encoder

    Processor: 400 MHz X-scale

    Data acquisition: Ultra-fast ADIO-board

    Data processing: X-board / Baseboard

    Data storage: 2 GB Compact-Flash

    Communication: RS232, USB, Ethernet

    Electrical connectors: 2 x D-Sub 9-pole (for modem, console), D-Sub 15-pole (for external devices), RJ45 (for digital modem or SSH), 2 x USB-A

    Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz (external supply), 24 V DC / 5A, XLR-connector (internal)

    Power consumption: < 180 Watt

    Dimensions: 449 x 375 x 177 mm (WxDxH)

    Weight: 15.5 kg

    Housing: 19" compatible, IP 20 enclosure, EMC certificated

    Gas connectors: 3 mm stainless steel Swagelok connectors for gas in- and outlet

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