DVLS GC2 Modulator

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions is proud to introduce the DVLS GC2 Modulator: the first two-stage modulator for GC×GC based on thermoelectric cooler (TEC). The TEC technique eliminates the need for cryogens and requires only a minimal maintenance. The modular design and small footprint of the GC2 Modulator allows an easy installation on any GC platform.

GC×GC solution that provides an excellent resolution

The DVLS GC2 Modulator is a versatile and premium thermal modulator, suitable for most GC×GC applications in research and conventional testing laboratories, online monitoring and even in the field.

Comprehensive two-dimensional GC (GC×GC) is a chromatographic separation technique that connects two independent columns with a different stationary phase in series via a dedicated modulator. All compounds that elute from the first column are concentrated in the modulator and injected in pulse with a fixed frequency to the second column for further separation. Co-eluters in the first column will probably be resolved in the second column, achieving the orthogonal separation.

As the thermal modulator usually exhibits a better performance through narrow and sharp modulation peaks and is more compatible to mass spectrometers, it has been extensively employed in the petrochemical, environmental, flavor and fragrance industries.

  • Applications

    The DVLS GC2 Modulator is a versatile and premium thermal modulator, suitable for most GC×GC applications. The novel mechanical and thermal design enables wide modulation range (down to C2 assisted by a special modulation column) and short modulation period (≥ 2 s).

    Column type

    Modulation range

    Typical application

    Carbon #

    Boiling Point

    EV series


    –100 ˚C ~–+220˚C    

    VOCs, light gasoline

    HV series


    +36 ˚C~ –+450 ˚C

    Kerosene, diesel, essential oils, liquors

    SV Series


    +100 ˚C ~+560˚C

    Diesel, tobacco smoke, food fragrance

    DV Series


    +150 ˚C ~>+600˚C

    Mineral oil, SVOCs in soil or airborne particles

  • Benefits

    • Operational savings on the use of the instrument, consumables and maintenance.
    • A modular design which allows an easy installation on any GC platform.
    • A smart GC×GC flow calculation tools for easy method configuration.
    • User-friendly and customized data software that reduce data workload.
    • A superb performance of down to C2 compounds within a short modulation period (≥ 2 s)
    • An innovative auxiliary flow mode that provides better resolution and easy optimization.
    • A plug and play setup where no preparation time is required for modulator cooling.
    • A small small footprint design that can be integrated to portable or online GC for out-of-lab applications.


  • Downloads

  • Options

    GC2 Reporter is a dedicated data processing software for GC×GC analysis. It highlights intuitiveness and easy-to-use for general GC×GC users, in additional to basic data visualization and analysis functions. Moreover, Da Vinci offers customized features for standard or routine analysis, in which regular processes from data load to report print can be combined and accomplished automatically.

    DVLS GC2 flow calculator


  • Specifications

    • Cooling method: thermo-electric cooler

    • Cryogens: none

    • Cold zone: –50°C upto +100°C, digital programmable

    • Hot zone: 40°C–320°C, digital programmable

    • Modulation period: ≥ 2 s

    • Modulated peak width: 20–25 ms

    • Size: 230 mm × 110 mm × 100 mm

    • Weight: ~5 kg

    • Power: Max. 220 W

    • Communication: Synchronization with GC

    • User interface: PC

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