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Learn from the experts at a water lab on the use of certified standards


November 2014

Waterlaboratorium uses certified standardsLearn more from the experts at the Dutch Waterlaboratorium and read their tips on using certified reference standards in the latest issue of LabVision.
The Waterlaboratorium located in Haarlem has improved their efficiency in ​​the GC / MS analysis of a variety of water parameters in the past 3 years. Using certified standards has enabled the waterlab to further increase their efficiency.  


Dual Analysis of Oily Residues in LPG and Hydrocarbon Composition of LPG

October 2014

DVLS LGI Injector

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions developed an alternative technique for determination of oily residues in C3 and C4 streams that complies with ASTM D7756 and EN 16423. This method uses a direct injection technique of the pressurized liquefied gas into the GC by means of the Liquefied Gas Injector (LGI). 

Adding a liquid sampling valve and an external GC oven to this instrumentation allows the analysis of the hydrocarbon composition of LPG at the same time from the same sample cylinder. A new application note describes the dual analysis and the precision found. 


Supplies Stock on Sale

September 2014

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DVLS Supplies on Sale insert

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