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Supplies Stock on Sale

September 2014

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions is selling stock items at a discount rate of up to 80%! Check out the list of the supplies items on SALE such as: 

DVLS Supplies on Sale insert

  • crimpers

  • vials

  • tubing

  • syringes and more.  

 Download the list for a complete overview.

New Audit Trail option for Calibration Gases

September 2014DVLS GasMix front side

A new option is now available in the GasMix™ software: a printable certificate of all concentrations that have been generated. Based on the information contained in the Audit Trail, real concentrations sent to the analyzers are recalculated and the average and the relative standard deviation are displayed.

Different information guarantying the traceability of gas mixtures are provided on each page of the certificate, such as date, name of operator, project used, etc. 


New Robotic Generation of GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler

August 2014GERSTEL roboticPRO

Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions will introduce the MPS roboticPRO, the newest member of the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) family at WOTS. The highly efficient GC/MS autosampler is optimized to hold a significantly larger number of samples for higher throughput.

MPS roboticPRO provides fast, reliable and highly accurate processing of complex tasks. Tools can be exchanged automatically, enabling automated change between Liquid Injection, Headspace, and SPME.



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